director / editor

Erinnisse Rebisz, is a seasoned editor for television and film, born and based in NYC. Her credits include numerous unscripted TV shows and documentaries such as "What Not To Wear," "24 Hour Restaurant Battle," "Toy Hunter," "Candy Queen," "Jersey Couture," “American Pick Off” and “Imagination Unleashed - An Artisan’s Journey.” “Madonna of the Mills,” a feature-length documentary she edited premiered on HBO in 2011 and was nominated for a Genesis Award for Best Television Documentary. She studied at a Buddhist university (Naropa) majoring in media studies and the human experience. "Shoulder The Lion" is her debut feature as a director.

[fun fact: Erinnisse's father would always address his letters to her when she was young as "Dear Tupelo," thus Tupelo became the name of her production company]


director / director of photography

Patryk Rebisz, from Poland but residing in New York City, is a director/director of photography. He has shot and directed hundreds of various productions, almost a dozen feature-length films, numerous music videos as well as commercials and television shows. His short film "Between You and Me" has garnered him worldwide awards and recognition for its innovative use of still photography. Patryk has studied painting at prestigious Cooper Union School of Art before exchanging paintbrush for camera. "Shoulder The Lion" is his debut in a role of a feature-length director.

[fun fact: Originally a painter, and a graduate of Cooper Union, Patryk won professional art awards for his paintings starting at age of 6.]



Zeberiah Newman has appeared on hit shows such as "Brothers and Sisters" and "House" and attended the prestigious Juilliard School of Drama. Seven years ago Mr. Newman transitioned his career to behind the scenes working in development and on location as a field producer. Now based in Los Angeles, he's working for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

[fun fact: Zeb and Erinnisse met almost 20 years ago in a summer acting program]

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