Tupelo is a film production company for feature-length narratives and documentaries. The company is made up of individuals who want more - through film we want to explore the human spirit and the bittersweet beauty that accompanies life.

Founded in 2010, Tupelo Productions is a collective of film industry professionals with almost 10 years of experience. With 5 projects in development, covering several genres, Tupelo strives to be a unique voice in film. Our expertise plus determination fuels our commitment to make evocative and meaningful work that seeks to expand the traditional boundaries of the film medium.

- We've done almost 200 productions. Try to count from 1 to 200 and see how long it takes... about 3 minutes just to count the numbers of productions we have shot! That's a lot of productions, that's a lot of experience.

- Erinnisse likes to bake pies so one of our deal-making strategies is to get discounts based on pies... You would be surprised how many discounts homemade pies can get you!

- Erinnisse's father would always address his letters to her when she was young as "Dear Tupelo." Our original logo had "Dear Tupelo" incorporated into it - we love the story but it always took too long to explain the meaning of our logo to strangers.

- Originally a painter, and a graduate of Cooper Union, Patryk won professional art awards starting from the age of 6.

- We own all the gear which means when we get an idea we can just grab a camera and shoot!



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